Quickstart Guide

Contratulations on receiving your keypad! This quick guide will walk you through how to use your keypad.

What’s in the box:

  • Keypad
  • Cable

Before use, remove protective tape film

The tape on the bottom of the keypad will fix it to your desk so it doesn’t move around during play. This tape has a film covering it that must be removed to expose its stickiness.

More (Optional)

These are some other things you can do after you get your keypad up and running.

Setting the LED mode

While the basic model’s side button is used exclusively as an escape key, it serves an additional purpose on all models with LEDs. By holding the button down and waiting for the LEDs to blink, you can change the LED mode. Wait for it to blink twice for the secondary action, which is for changing the brightness (or the colors on the custom mode.) For more info on LED modes and the side button for your keypad, please visit the models page here:


Remapping and Reprogramming

If you’re unhappy with the default button mapping of your keypad, visit this page to learn how to easily remap the buttons!

How to remap the buttons on your keypad.

If you’d like to change the functionality of the keypad, I have a reprogramming guide that you can visit here.

How to reprogram your keypad.

If you wish for any additional functionality, I would appreciate it if you opened an issue on my GitHub.


Changing Your Switches

If you’re unhappy with your original choice of switches, you can pop some new ones in! Check out my guide for the installation procedure:

Switch changing guide