Changing Your Keypad’s Switches


This guide will walk you through swapping the internals of a Cherry MX compatible switch with another one. This is meant to be simpler than replacing the entire switch, which would require resoldering. This still gives the desired effect but lets things like RGB LEDs be mounted on the back of the switch without having to replace them when you want to change the switch.

What You’ll Need
-A switch changing kit:
Fine-point tweezers, Small spudger (for keeping one side of the switch open), Cherry MX compatible switches

-A keypad

Opening the switches on your keypad

Before starting, I’d like for you to take a close look at the switch you want to open. In the four corners, you should see four rectangular indentations. Along the outside edge of these indentations, there are narrow slits. These slits lead all the way down the clamps of the switches, so when you insert something like tweezers into them, it straightens them out and helps you open the switch more easily. With that in mind, we can now move on.

Insert your tweezers into the slits in the rectangular indentations of one side of the switch. There should be a poitn where you feel them go down a little bit more than if they weren’t in the slits. From here you can push the tweezers towards the center of the switch and one side should pop open!

We’ll be repeating the same step for the other side, but use the spudger to hold the open side of the switch open, otherwise it will close when you try to open the other side. Now you can remove the top, stem, and spring of the switch.

Opening the loose switches

This is a little simpler than opening the switches on the keypad since you have access to the tabs that hold it together from the underside. Grip the switch from the top and push the tweezers under the two tabs of one side of the switch. Tilt the tweezers up and one side of the switch should be open.

Opening the other side of the switch should also be easier. I use my fingers to firmly grip the open sides of the switch and repeat the first step. With enough pressure, the open side should stay open. With both sides open, we can now remove the stem and spring and insert them into the switch on the keypad!

These parts do have a correct orientation, so make sure the side of the stem that sticks out is facing the metal leaf in the switch. The top also has a correct orientation. The side with the cavity on the top should line up with the leaf (this only fits one way, so don’t force it if the switch isn’t closing.)

If all went well, your switch should now be changed!