Changing Your Keypad’s Switches

This guide is only for keypads purchased after 3/15/19. If your keypad was purchased before then, the switches are NOT hot-swappable and attempting to follow this guide will permanently damage your keypad.

What You’ll Need


-Switch puller (IC puller), optional

Removing your switches

This is a simple procedure and all you have to do is get the tips of the pullers under the clips on the switches and pull straight up. Any lateral force when removing switches can cause the pins to bend, so be careful to only apply force up. The switch puller is optional but I think it’s much easier than using your fingers.

Installing new switches

Now you can put the new switch in! Make sure the pins on the new switches are straight and push them straight down. If you feel any resistance, pull the switch up, check the pins, and try again. If the pins aren’t straight and the switch isn’t pushed straight down, they can bend or curl and cause permanent damage to the switch, so be careful and take your time.