Osu! keypads#

If you purchased a keypad before 2022, please use the old docs here: https://old.thnikk.moe

New models

LED modes#




Fades through rainbow.


Turns LEDs on when pressed and fades from red to green to blue to off when released.


LED color can be set per-key.


LEDs turn white when pressed and change color depending on how much you hit them per second when released.


Unlike previous versions, all configuration of the keypad is done over a serial connection. This is flexible and lightweight, requiring the download of a single program that doesn’t need to be installed. The configurator is built into the keypad itself, and we can use a program like Termite to communicate with the keypad. Please follow the instructions below for your platform.


Download and extract Termite. You want to make sure you extract since you need to run it with the .ini file in the same directory.

Download Termite

Upon opening the program, it should immediately connect to the keypad. Follow the directions in the remapper and you’re all set!

If you have any problems, make sure your settings match these (except for the port since it may be different for you)

If you don’t see something like “Enter ‘c’ to start the configurator”, try changing the port.


Make sure to close Termite when you’re done, otherwise it may try to reconnect and lock up your keypad.


The procedure for Mac and Linux is the same since we’ll be using the screen command on both. Open a terminal and paste in this command to connect to the keypad.

screen $(ls -d /dev/* | grep "ACM\|usbmodem") 9600

Follow the directions given in the ternminal to remap the keypad.


The latest firmware is available here. All keypads are shipped with the latest firmware, so if you purchased after the date of the last release, you don’t need to update.

Make sure to use the unified-2022 repository as linked above, NOT the original unified one. The original one is made for different boards and will soft-brick your keypad.