Changing Switches#

This short guide will walk you through changing your keypad’s switches.

What You’ll Need#

  • Keypad

  • New switches

  • Switch puller (optional)

Remove keycaps#

No keycaps

The first thing you need to do is remove the keycaps. This is only necessary if using a switch puller, but it makes the removal process easier, and you’ll need to put them on the new switches anyway.

Remove switches#

Now you can remove the switches. Identify the tabs on the top and bottom of the switch. These need to be compressed by the puller (or your finger nails if you’re doing it by hand.) Be careful to not squeeze Gateron switches too tightly as it can snap the tabs.

Bend tabs

Now you can pull up and the switch should release. This may take a bit of force.

Pull switch

Check pins#

You’ll also need to make sure that the pins of the new switches are completely straight and perpendicular. If they aren’t, they will miss the socket and can become permanently damaged when force is applied. This switch is good:

And this switch is bad:

If you have a bent pin, just bend it straight by hand or with a tool. One of the pins is much thinner than the other so it is easy for it to get bent in shipping or while handling it.

Insert new switch#

Now that you’ve made sure the pins of the new switch is straight, you can place it into the hole. Push lightly and you shouldn’t feel any resistance until you get up to the bumps on the side of the switch right below the tabs. If you do feel resistance, pull the switch out and check the pins again. Once everything feels right, push down and you should hear a snap.

Push switch


Conglaturation!!! You have swapped a great switch.