FBUpdater Troubleshooting#

If you’re having trouble with updating the firmware on your fightboard, here are some troubleshooting steps you can try to get it working.

Unplug console adapter#

If you have an adapter plugged in, remove it. You need the Fightboard to be plugged directly into the computer.

Verify functionality#

Go to a site like gamepadviewer to verify that the Fightboard is actually functional. If not, try a different USB cable.

Verify bootloader mode#

You need to double-press the reset button and can verify that the Fightboard is in bootloader mode by the pulsing red LED. This can be hard to see on a black model, but you should still be able to see the faint glow through the reset hole.

Run script while in bootloader mode#

The Fightboard will only stay in bootloader mode for around 8 seconds, so you should run the script as soon as possible after entering bootloader mode.

Reboot your computer#

Sometimes you can have issues with your USB ports that cause problems, so try rebooting if everything seems right and it’s still not working.

Try a different USB port (especially if using a hub)#

USB hubs can cause USB issues as unpowered hubs split the current of the USB port between multiple devices. Plug directly into a USB port on the machine and try a port on the other side if you’re using a laptop.